Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I have done other things today, so hopefully I would be less angry when I finally posted this.  My plan was mostly successful.  Mainly I just feel resignation at this point.

Today I had a flight scheduled to leave at 1p so I could go visit Lana and Kat.  I had a transfer I needed to make only short time after my first flight was scheduled to land.  We were twenty minutes late in boarding.  10 minutes before the plane was supposed to be in the air we finally started to board.  We then proceeded to sit on the plane for forty minutes.  You see, the lavatory door (the only one on the small plane) refused to stay closed and they spent and entire hour troubleshoting the broken door.

Finally they got it fixed.  We were in the air 50 minutes before my next flight was scheduled to be in the air.  I spent the majority of the flight pleading with the world for my next flight to be delayed.  No such luck.  Me, and four other people, ran to the connecting gate just in time to see our plane pulling away from the gate.  One woman in the group of five took charge and asked if they had been aware we had a connecting flight.

The woman at the desk cut her off and said that, Yes they had known, but the connection had been illegal.  We all looked vaguely confused.  And she then said: "I don't know how you did it.  It was illegal and you shouldn't have been able to do it.  So since it was illegal, we didn't hold the plane.  Besides, it's not like you missed it by minutes, you missed it by ten minutes at least.  Besides.  Every time we hold a plane we lose money."

I'm not sure I've ever met anyone with spoke with quite that much emphasis on accusing words.  We weren't accusing them of anyone.  It was an unfortunate situation and they got us seats on the next plane leaving to our destination.  However it completely pissed me (and the rest of the people) off to be blamed for the entire situation.  As one woman pointed out after "you" had been emphasized four or five times, it was their system that had allowed us to book this so-called illegal connection in the first place.

Unfortunately this airport is fairly small, so the next flight was actually five hours after my original flight had been scheduled to leave.  So I've been sitting here doing a lot of blogging and music listening in an airport that has practically no food after security and has two full closed wings.  It's been rather frustrating.  Oh well.

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