Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine's Day- Unpopular Opinion

This isn't twitter, but I tagged my post with #unpopularopinion (via the title) anyway.  It seems to be trendy to hate on Valentines Day.  It's too commercialized, too heteronormative, it's too couple-centrist, we should be celebrating love every day, etc, etc, etc.

And my question is: What is wrong with taking one day to remind us of our love for other people?  Not just our significant other(s) but everyone.  You know back in elementary school where you were required to give a valentine to everyone?  What is wrong with taking one day to be reminded the cherish the people you love?  Yes, Valentines day is too commercial and what the media has made it into is kinda disgusting.  But you have the choice not to buy into all the media crap and just celebrate with your friends, family, and lovers.

Every holiday is just a reminder.  Christmas reminds us of giving and genorosity (and if you're Christian, of Jesus' birth).  Halloween is a reminder of the old tradition of All Hallows Eve and also of childhood (both the past childhood of adults and the present childhood of children).  Earth Day-reminder of global warming and preservation; Memorial Day, Veterans Day- Reminders of those who have fought and died or survived in wars.  I have heard about so many of these holidays: "Earth/Veterans/Generosity/etc only gets 1 day?!  What about the other 364 days of the year?"  But no. No no no no no.  That is so not the point.  What is the point?  The point is to remind the world about these important causes so that they will remember the other 364 days.

So what is wrong with celebrating the love in your life and having one day a year to help remind you?  Nothing.

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