Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Should be Doing a Rehearsal Report

Instead of sitting down like a responsible stage manager and writing a rehearsal report (paperwork which is basically what it sounds like, it details any technical notes that come up in rehearsals), I am instead sitting down and writing another blog post.

We finished the blocking/staging for my show tonight.  It is a great little show and I am really impressed with the work that director's done with it.  It's so nice to work with a director who is not only competent (this is a rarer quality than you might think) and also pleasant to work with.

I have all sorts of things I need to do on my day off tomorrow though: writing the letters used in the show, finding how to make fake stamps that are period 60's, and find a cigarette purse for a prop.  I haven't done props since I first started out working in theatre.  I did props for Pride and Prejudice, it's when I first met my boyfriend.

Anyway, I'm going to go off and watch glee over the internet with my boyfriend now (a somewhat guilty pleasure).  Maybe I'll even do my rehearsal report while I'm watching.

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