Friday, September 30, 2011

Big Bag O' Stuff

The show opened!  Opening a show always eases my mind.  Tech is stressful but once a show is opened, things become routine and it becomes my goal to get better and better at the routine.

My point, however, is since the show is open, I want to share a bit more about stage managing.  Not all stage manager do, but many stage managers create something called a stage manager's kit.  This consists of everything you might potentially need to survive a production.  Now this may or may not sound like a lot of items to you, but I assure you, it is a hell of a lot of items.  Some people have larger kits than others (and in truth I have the largest kit of any stage manager I've personally met).  I tend to obsess over it and if I'm going to make a spontaneous purchase, it's most likely is going to be for my kit.

Now, what's specifically in a kit?  Here's a list of what's in mine (and remember my kit is probably excessive):

     Pencils, Pens (multiple colors),   Eraser,  Pencil Sharpener,   Highlighters, Sharpies, Scissors, Whiteout, Erasable colored pencils (for blocking notes),  Bobby pins,   Hair clips, Hairbands,   Elastic headbands,  Brads,  Metal fastening rings,  Binder clips, Safety pins,  Paperclips, Nails clippers,  Nail file,  Tweezers,   Stapler,   Extra staples,   Hole punch repair stickers,  Garage dots,  Labels,  Dental floss,  Toothbrush and paste (disposable), Hairbrush,    Comb,  Band-Aids,  Neosporin,   Ace wrap, Gauze wrap, Gauze pads,   Super glue, Felt horseshoe (for reducing swelling), Ice Pack,  Heating packs,  Sling, Mouth wash,  Shaving razor,  Shaving cream, Icy Hot Muscle Rub, Multimeter,  Mini level, Hammer,  Multihead Screwdriver, Ruler, Scale Rule, Tape Measure,  Cotton balls,  Q Tips,  Flavored water packets,   Juice boxes,   Granola bars, Ziploc bags,   Three Hole Punch (kept in prompt book),  Tie line,   Flashlight,  Posit Notes,    Extra notepads, Deck of cards,   Chalk (for taping a floorplan), Keelenx,  Styling gel,  Lint Roller,  Calculator,  Makeup remover, Tampons and Pads,  Hand Sanitizer, Hairspray, Dry shampoo,  Tide to Go stick,   Screws, Nails,   Bolts, Batteries (AA, AAA),   Battery charger and rechargeable batteries,  Small laundry detergent packs,   Chocolate,  Hard Candy,  Lotion, Baby Powder,   Glasses repair kit,   Eye wash,   Eye drops,  Fingernail polish remover, Rubbing alcohol,   Lotion,  Pain Meds, Antacid,    Lozenges/cough drops,  Cold medicine (Dayquil),   Disposable silverware, Sewing kit, Deoderant (male and female),   Rags,   Scotch tape, Medical tape,  Athletic tape (normal and finger), Prewrap,  Electrical Tape, Masking Tape,   Packing tape, Gaff Tape,   Glow Tape, Spike Tape, Small crescent wrench,  Glue stick,  Tea, Instant Coffee, Instant Cocoa, Instant Apple Cider, Compact Mirror, Handi-wipes,  Protractor,  Gauze Pads

A stage management kit is extremely personalized. I keep a lot of sport medicine things in my kit because having done sports for ten years of my life and having a mother trained in sports medicine means I have quite a bit of knowledge of how to tape a knee, or a wrist, or an ankle (unlike the majority of people). I also have strange things like baby powderm which will keep spilled soda from sticking or nail polish, not only for it's normal purpose, but also to remove super glue.

As for containers for kits, many people use tackle boxes or art supply boxes.  Some people use tool boxes and some just use large open boxes that have lots of smaller divider boxes inside it.  I use a tool bag that has lots of pockets and three divider boxes.  I love the bag, it's been great thus far.

Though it may seem like a lot of things,in truth, I have used everything in my kit (believe it or not).

Things I would like to get for my kit (if I can make room):
  • Soldering Iron
  • Hot Glue Gub with Gluesticks
  • Smaller Multimeter
My Kit

The Inside of my Kit

The Divider Boxes Inside my Kit

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