Saturday, October 1, 2011

Morning Culture

As a night owl, I wanted to talk about how much of the world revolves around the small percentage of people who are morning people.  In the past it made complete sense, America (and much of the rest of the world) was a vastly agrarian society.  Farmers need to get up with the sun in order to get all their work done while there was still daylight.  It all makes sense.

But now the majority of jobs/education.etc take place inside where there exists a magical invention called a light bulb.  I don't function well in the morning.  I make more errors, I don't make decisions rationally, I am more inclined to snap at people.  I realize this is a personal thing but I know so many people who don't function well in the morning.  There have been studies that show teenagers need more sleep than adults and don't function well in at 7:30 in the morning.  I fwe want our future workforce to be their best, why not start at 9:00 instead?  Most colleges don't offer classes that start before 8:00 and almost every college student I've talked to greatly appreciates it.

I'm not suggesting shifting work and school to start at noon (though that's when I would personally be at my best) but what about those people who are neither early birds or night owls?  What about starting the work/school day at 10a?

I have a friend who insists that the only job worth having is one where you need to wake up at 5a.  And I'm sorry, but I'd be miserable having to wake up at 5a and I don't want to pursue a job that made me miserable (I think everyone should pursue a job that doesn't make them miserable to the best of their ability).

I'm lucky, generally the earliest I have to wake up for most theatre jobs is at 10a and most theatre people I know are also night owls.  I love my job and I love the hours I get to keep.  So why am I complaining? A) I honestly believe that people would be happier getting up even a few hours later (I know I am) and B) I wish people could accept that just because some people don't function well/at all till later in the day does not make them lazy (necessarily), it makes them different.


  1. The only job worth having for ME* involves waking up at 4am, being at work by 5:30, and staying there until 10 at night.

    I'll sleep when I'm dead. Also now while I'm in college.

    (Guess which friend I am! :P )
    *I would never expect everyone else to want to live like that. I fully realize I'm insane.

  2. I will never possibly be able to figure out who you are. :-)

    Also your point makes much more sense now.