Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sexuality Labels

It's sorta fascinating.  I had all these post ideas that I plan out and then one just pops into my head while driving and I just can't resist writing it about it.

I call myself heterosexual.  It is how I identify, but when I say it I feel like I'm not being completely truthful.  I recently realized the problem is terminology.

When I say I'm heterosexual I mean that the vast majority of the I am attracted to men.  I can look at women and saw: "Wow, she's gorgeous" and mean it, but never ever be attracted to her.  I think that people who identify as neither gender can be attractive aesthetically (like women) yet I'm still not attracted to said person romantically/sexually.

Maybe I'm just weird.  Because there are women and gender queer people who I would consider dating, but it is such a rare occurrence for me.  It's just men attract me more frequently aesthetically, romantically, and sexually.  So, when I say that I'm heterosexual I mean that most often I am attracted to men.

Maybe it is a reluctance to call myself bisexual, but not for the reasons you think.  If I were to call myself bisexual I feel like it would insult people I know who actually like both men and women about equally.  I could say I'm bisexual with heterosexual preference, but I still feel like I am attracted to women so infrequently that even that seems like a lie.

Note: The other problem I have with the term bisexual is that it plays into the heteronormative belief that there are only two genders.

Similarly, I think of myself as monogamous because a) polyamory just never interested me and b) the relationship I have (and have had for almost four years) currently is monogamous and neither Boyfriend and I have ever been interested in our relationship being otherwise.  (I do also feel like it would be weird to add another person to our relationship since we have been together as long as we have, but I could be crazy).

Labels are stupid and restrictive, but when talking to other people that are just ever so convenient.

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