Thursday, October 6, 2011


Am I the only one who plays this game? I will ask someone a question and they will answer me and their answer will intrigue me so I inevitably ask: why? And so often they won't be able to answer me.

When I have an opinion (on anything really) I know without even thinking about it why I have that an opinion. Really for me it's more than just that. If I do something I know the reason why.

I am working out more lately.
I want to lose weight.
I am uncomfortable with my body image.
Our society and media believe mine is not the ideal body (even though I shouldn't let it get to me like it does)
Society seems to inherently have a standard of beauty.
To make life a more fathomable and comprehensible experience.

Etc etc, I go on and on until the questions I'm answering become distinctly philosophical (as they already did) or distinctly scientific. It's something I do all the time almost at a subconscious level but not quite because I can always immediately go through this process verbally if you ask me to. I feel so odd but this "game" as I call it helps me keep my life organized and, more importantly, helps me know exactly what I'm thinking and why.

I sometimes get trapped in webs of "why" when things (as they almost always do) have multiple causations.

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