Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Getting Drunk

So I got drunk for the first time yesterday night.  I'm pretty much opposite a fan of alcohol, but I'm with Boyfriend and my friend Amy for my two dark days this week and so I decided: why not.

It was a Monday night so it wasn't the most clever idea, especially since my boyfriend and friend had classes today, but it was fun mostly.  Amy is fun because she gets extremely flirty when drunk.  She had class earlier though, so she didn't get too drunk.  Boyfriend just gets super cuddly: me, Amy, a chair, the door, a wall; he doesn't really discriminate.  It's pretty funny actually.

Me on the other, I am just a thoroughly unexciting drunk (both Amy and Boyfriend can confirm).  I get dizzy.  That's pretty much it.  And five shots in and I was pretty much only mildly dizzy at that.  My sixth shot though and suddenly the world was spinning.

In general it was a lot of fun and I did snag a drunken shower with Boyfriend out of the deal.  Still, I think alcohol is pretty much a disgusting substance and won't be getting drunk again in a hurry.

At least I'm not hung over.  Hurray.

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