Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I'm not going to get into an obscenely long debate on this, because in my opinion, it's just wrong.  These bills will invoke censorship in really potential horrible ways.  In case you haven't been on a site that is on strike, today a great number of sites on the internet are going on strike as a way to boycott SOPA and PIPA. Zach Wiener at SMBC has said it best that I've seen so far:

If you're not aware of SOPA / PIPA, there are articles on wikipedia here:
Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) | Protect IP Act (PIPA

If you want a tl;dr version, go here

If you want to know who supports, who opposes, and who receives money, go here

If you want to make a difference, here's what you can do: 

1) Look up your congressperson or senator, and see if he/she supports or opposes.
       For SOPA:
       For PIPA:
2) Click the appropriate picture to pull up contact information.
3) Write a handwritten letter describing why you're unhappy. This is the best way to get their attention.
4) If you don't have time for that, call their office and politely but firmly express your complaint, specifically mentioning their support for SOPA (house of reps) or PIPA (senate).

Please, do whatever you can to stop these bills being passed. I know I intend to do so.

Note: Regular updates should resume soon. Maybe tomorrow. I have two posts handwritten that I just need to type up and I have ideas for some others.

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