Monday, January 2, 2012


I really would like to post, but am not quite sure what to post about so I think you might just get a free write.

I'm currently in tech but we have be in a hold for ages and during the run of this show I have nothing to do, so I have been working on my preset list (which is literally four pages long) and taking notes and keeping the kids quiet.  But I'm bored so now I'm going to blog.

As detailed (rather poorly I believe) in my last blog post, I am exhausted.  I have worked 70+ hours in 8 days, and one of those days was a day that I had off.  Yesterday I feel asleep both in the middle of Sherlock Holmes: Shadow Games and in the middle of Sherlock (the BBC series) despite trying desperately to stay awake.

I have more time this week because most of my friends (with the exception of Lana) are leaving, which, as always, is sad.  On New Years Eve we had our friend's Christmas and it was fantastic (fuck my actors are always so fucking loud. Fuck.).  During the end of the night (actually the early hours of the morning) we sat down and talked with each other about our lives.  It's so easy when we're scattered about the country to lose track of each other, but it was an incredibly valuable talk.

Happy New Years by the way (woah, the lights started changing and it was subtle enough that I though my eyes were just freaking out).  I never do New Years resolutions; I have way too many things to work on in my life to make a resolution just once a year.  However, one thing that I would like to work on my frequently is using the word "person".  So often I tell stories about people and use pronouns when they just aren't needed.  People use pronouns so often that I tend to forget that more than just being a man or a woman or genderqueer, that we are all people.  We are all people and that is something that unites all of us, and I want to try to remember that more.

Since this post was mainly a ramble to begin with I suppose I'll end.

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