Tuesday, September 11, 2012

All Moved In

As you can probably guess from the title: I'm in my new apartment now!  It's fantastic let me tell you.  I never realized how much my life was dictated by where I lived before until now.  Still, it's great.  I'm in a three bedroom apartment now, living with Boyfriend, Lana, and Kelsey (who has brought her dog who is very cute though also very loud).  Everyone whose been over to our new apartment has remarked on how nice it is and how nice our furniture is, so it seems to me as if we're doing quite well for ourselves indeed.

I've been officiating volleyball over the past two weeks and my next show is due to start rehearsals in two weeks.  This current week is auditions, which I would dearly like to attend, but I won't be able to until Thursday.  It will be interesting to see how this process goes.  I'm working for a program I've never worked with before and with kids younger than I'm used to (the age group is 5-11 yikes).

I'm also in the process of interviewing for Starbucks, which is a job I hope I get.  However, as I've realized recently, that means that I could potentially be working three jobs, which is more than a little daunting.  Just working two jobs has made scheduling a nightmare, though at least if I get the one at Starbucks then it means that it won't conflict at all since it will be a morning job.  It would be so so nice to have benefits, as much as I love stage managing, there's very little chance I'll get benefits any time soon.

It is at times frustrating to have to work so hard and end up with so little money.  I am happy doing what I'm doing but when most of my friends work in high paying jobs, it gets hard at times.  Especially when I'm in a situation that I have to admit how little money I really have.  It's also been tough because moving requires a lot of money in a short time span.  I'm making it work though, although I do wish that it wasn't so common for people to need to work multiple jobs in order to make ends meet.