Useful Posts on Feminism and Sexuality

My blog has a fairly diverse range and since I have a page with links for those reading my posts in hopes of stage management topics, I figured I would include a page for my more important/interesting (hopefully) posts on feminism and sexuality.

Color Analogy

My First Stumbling Post on Feminism
Flirting as Seen by Popular Culture
Consent Culture
Words have Meaning

Sexuality and Gender:
Popular Romance Misconceptions
An Essay on Two-Spirited People
Stage Management as Gendered
Self-Labeling Sexuality
My Sex Ed History
T-Shirts and Gender
Why am I the Gender I am? (Hint: I'm not entirely sure)
A Short Exploration of Gender Neutral Pronouns

Polyamory (mainly my experience with it):
Forms of Nonmonogamy and Polyamory
A Review of the Ethical Slut
Cheating and Polyamory
Coming Out to my Sister
Opening my Relationship

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