About Me

I decided to start a blog because I was inspired by many other bloggers and I also got sick of journaling.  When I journaled, I already had a tendency to write like I was speaking to an audience, so I figured this might be a better medium for my thoughts.

To restate information scattered throughout my blog in a more concise manner: I am a twenty-something, extremely liberal (though increasingly libertarian), cisgendered woman.  I identify as straight (with case by case exceptions), polyamorous, submissive/masochistic.  I am primarily attracted to semi-masculine presenting men.   In regard to profession, I am a stage manager who works in theatre; I have worked increasingly on run crew, most specifically on props.  I am constantly looking out for new and better opinions and ways of viewing life.

I am liberal minded and when expressing my thoughts and I tend to be frank. I am not sexually explicit about myself currently because I'm not sure I would be comfortable writing in detail about my sexual experience.  This may change.  This is a warning that I am issuing, so please be aware.  And though I do not feel comfortable talking about my own sexual experiences explicitly, I have no problem whatsoever talking about sex, sexuality, gender, and other potentially sensitive and inflammatory subjects.  In addition (to use a popular phrase), I swear like a sailor and make no attempt to modify this.  You may find potentially offensive words such as: shit, damn, fuck, ass, douche, pussy, dick, cock, and cum/come (whatever spelling strikes your fancy).  Just be forewarned.

I also tend towards the verbose end of the spectrum, so, for that, I apologize.  Please tell me if my posts begin to fall into the Too Long; Didn't Read category and I'll see what I can do to fix it.  That being said, please comment.  I'm doing this blog not only for myself, but also for you (in the general sense) in order to start a dialogue.

Finally, this is not a blog about anything particular.  It is not a sex blog, it is not a feminist blog, it is not a nail polish blog (because apparently those exist, this never would have occurred to me if I hadn't been explicitly told they exist).  I will discuss my memories of my childhood, my views on various subjects (gender and sexuality currently chief among those), my feelings, my relationships with my friends (with their permission), and my job as a stage manager (which I, at the very least, was fascinated by before I became a stage manager).