Thursday, November 10, 2011

Empty House

My family leaves tomorrow for a trip to a time-share condo on the coast.  In high school I would have spurned such a trip, reveling in my alone time, and in later years, Boyfriend and I would have enjoyed the time without family constantly encroaching.  Now, I desperately wish that I could go with them.  I have such fond memories of the condo when I went as a child.

My immediate family and grandparents leave two days before New Years, for their annual trip down the coast to celebrate New Years.  I can't go with them.  I have a sixty hour work week that week (tech).  I have been going every other year, spending one year with friends and one year with family.  This year that pattern has been broken and it makes me sad.

In high school I would have invited friends over and we would have hung out.  I was that kid who parents trusted to have friends over, even when they were out of town.  I never abused that power (well, at least not with drunken parties).

Now, I know that when my parents leave, I'll be left alone in an empty house.

Note: The post is fairly stylized, it came out less poetic than I was expecting, but more poetic than a normal post.

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