Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Score? Script? Both?

I apologize for the plethora of stage management related posts lately, but I just started my next show, so it's on the brain and all I can really afford to think of for the moment.

I have run into the thing that I feel out of my depths in for the real world.  I never worked a musical in college (we only had one a year, so I wasn't the only one who didn't get to).  The last show I worked was a musical, but our director was also the music director and the actress knew the songs so well, that even she didn't need the score.  Now I'm in a situation where I have both a music director and the need for both a score and a script.

The solution? I need to combine them.  (In truth, I don't actually need to combine them, since I'm just asm, but I am running enough rehearsals that it would be helpful).  I've never done the combining before (though I have compiled scripts before).  I have to think about how best to do that.

Also, we had a stupid hole puncher at rehearsals today and none of my pages are in line with each other so I need to rehole punch them/completely reprint and hole punch them.

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