Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I've basically been all but ignoring my blog and I feel bad, but I've a) been pretty sick and b) just picked up another job and auditions start today for it.  I wish I had something more exciting to write about, but I've also basically been completely out of ideas.

I guess the first thing that comes to mind is how small the theatre world is (I apologize for the hanging preposition).  The past two days, I've had two people look at my resume and say: "Oh, I know one of your references".  This just seems funny to me because both of those references don't live in this area.  They are actually working at least fifty miles away.  And yet, people seem to be more connected than I ever expect.

All my professors told me that your first year out of college is about networking: meeting new people and making connections.  I guess I just didn't realize how very true that statement was.

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