Saturday, December 24, 2011


Thus far in my blog, I haven't mentioned the area I live in aside from Pacific Northwest.  I do this for obvious reasons and I'm not about to give out my address.  However, I do live close enough to Seattle to take a day trip into the city on the occasion and my family has done a trip into Seattle on Christmas Eve since I was born.

It's a funny little tradition but generally one I have a lot of fun with. For the past several years it's been my mom, dad, sisters, mom's parents, and Boyfriend.  We do a lot of window shopping and have some delicious food.  Here are some pictures I took (with my phone (I should have thought to bring my actual camera)) from Pike Place Market (mostly).  No people or faces, just some of the gorgeous views.

Despite my phone's delay, I actually did manage to get the bird in the picture too.  The picture doesn't really do the day justice, it was gorgeous.  Sunny and clear (which I'm sure as you all know is a rarity).

Another view from the same area but in the a different direction.

If you've ever done the tourist thing and gone on the underground tour, some of the guides make a joke about someone on the thirtieth floor of a building tossing paper airplanes out of a window, so every time I see a plane with a building foreground I think of that joke.

A different view of the public market sign that you normally get.

I'm entitling this picture: Not Sex Toys

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